Your Local Wallpaper and Popcorn Ceiling Removal Company in Washington Township, NJ

Washington Township is populated with homes that have been built during the early 20th Century. As such, these homes still hold some tiny bits of the place’s history and have stood as witnesses of the area’s inevitable development. If you are one of the people who are lucky enough to own such a home, you will notice that the home no longer holds its former grandeur and that is where we come in. As a professional wallpaper removal company in Washington Township, NJ, we remove outdated features of the home such as the wallpaper, popcorn ceilings, and the like, and give new life to your home with a more modern twist. Britmar Painting and Wallpaper has provided the residents of Washington Township, NJ with nearly three decades of professional services. So you can rest assured that the quality of work you can get from us will be exceptional.

To fully preserve your home, we also offer painting services, drywall repair, deck staining, and more. Through our painting services, you can choose to give your home a more modern color scheme to give it a new look. If not, you can pick out a new wallpaper to replace worn and old ones at home. You can also opt for our popcorn ceiling removal in Washington Township, NJ.

Our team at Britmar Painting and Wallpaper understands that while new homeowners want to preserve the beauty and history of their home, they also want their home to be more suited to their tastes. They are not guests, after all, so it should be no surprise that they would want their homes to be more interspersed with their preferred home features. That is why although we work hard to preserve the home’s originality, we also do our best to integrate the new homeowners’ preferences.

Now, if this is what you want for your home, call us today for expert wallpapering, painting, popcorn ceiling removal, and more in Washington Township, NJ. To reach us, simply dial the number provided at the bottom of the page. Residents who are from Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester can also avail of our services.

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