Specialized Wallpaper Removal and Installation in Washington Township, NJ and places within Gloucester, Camden and Burlington Counties.

Wallpaper Installation

Professional wallpaper installation and room prep

Whether you’re installing a prepasted or non-prepasted wallpaper, contact Britmar Painting and Wallpapering to provide you with expert room preparation and wallpaper installation for your home in Washington Township, NJ. Our services also extend to other towns and townships primarily within Gloucester County and as well as Camden and Burlington Counties.

Wallpaper Installation Services


  • Free sizing applied
  • Wall imperfections repaired as necessary
  • Wallpaper pattern matched flawlessly
  • Plastic and cloth tarps and towels used to protect flooring
  • Experience with all types of adhesive glues

Skillful Wallpaper Installations


  • Appropriate paste utilized as required (i.e., heavy-duty clear, clay, etc.)
  • Pre-pasted adhesives used as necessary
  • Reverse hanging and double cutting techniques used for textured wallpapers as necessary
  • Border adhesive or vinyl-to-vinyl adhesive utilized when needed with vinyl wallpaper and to apply borders
  • Experience with all types of Adhesive Glues
  • Residential and Commercial Grade wallpapers installed
  • Experience in Color Matching Repairs

Enhance your decor with a wallpaper border

Add a pop of color to your walls by having a wallpaper border installed. Whether your walls are painted sheetrock or vinyl wallpaper, you can rely on us to provide you with flawless installation services. Have peace of mind knowing our services are always guaranteed and you’ll be given a walk-through to ensure your satisfaction.

Wallpaper Removal and Wall Repair

Qualified wallpaper removal and wall repair

Enjoy the feeling you’ll get once you get rid of the old, ugly wallpaper in your home.

Rely on Britmar Painting and Wallpapering to remove your wallpaper and prepare your walls for painting. Contact us today!

Efficient water spray or steam wallpaper removal and wall repair

Our team has the ability to determine the best method to remove any kind of wallpapers off your walls.

If your home contains plaster walls with vinyl wallpaper, steam removal is a great approach that results in minimal repair.

Talented wallpaper removal and wall repair services

  • Plaster walls
  • Wall washing
  • Vinyl wallpaper
  • Glue residue removal
  • Wall repair and sanding
  • Fabric-backed wallpaper
  • Vinyl prepasted wallpaper

Wallpaper vinyl top sheet and backing

Are your sheetrock walls covered with vinyl prepasted wallpaper?
Allow our professional staff to create and use a solution of water and a wallpaper remover to loosen the glue. Later, we’ll safely scrape off the wallpaper and backing.

Does your home contain fabric-backed wallpaper?
Let us remove it carefully to minimize the needed repair work needed for your walls and ceiling. Rest assured knowing all glue residues will be removed from the walls. We’ll even wash and repair your walls using a joint compound prior to painting them.

Where walls are not initially primed / painted prior to installation of the existing wallpaper, the walls will be repaired, sealed and primed prior to new paint or wallpaper application.

Call us at 856-582-2459 or 609-221-4529 to avail of the best wallpaper installation or wallpaper removal services here in Washington Township, NJ and other towns and townships primarily within Gloucester, Camden, and Burlington Counties!