Quality Wallpaper Removal and Installation in Washington Township, NJ and its Nearby Areas

Wallpaper Installation

Are you opting for a prepasted or non-prepasted wallpaper? Call us at Britmar Painting and Wallpaper and we will provide you with expert services for wallpaper installation in Washington Township, NJ. If you have old wallpaper that needs removing, we can also provide wallpaper removal services for you. If you live in Washington Township’s nearby areas, our services are also available to other towns and townships within Gloucester County, Camden, and Burlington Counties.

Here are Our Wallpaper Installation Services

  • Free sizing applied
  • Any wall imperfections are repaired as necessary
  • We match wallpaper patterns flawlessly 
  • We use plastic and cloth tarps as well as towels to protect your flooring
  • We have experience with all types of adhesive glues

Our Wallpaper Installation Skills 

  • We use the appropriate paste as required (i.e., heavy-duty clear, clay, etc.)
  • Pre-pasted adhesives are used as necessary
  • We use reverse hanging and double cutting techniques for textured wallpapers
  • Border adhesive or vinyl-to-vinyl adhesive are used when necessary with vinyl wallpaper and to apply borders
  • We have experience with all types of adhesives and glues
  • We install residential and commercial-grade wallpapers
  • We have experience with color matching repairs

Want to Enhance Your Decor? Do it with a Wallpaper Border

Add a pop of color to your walls with the right wallpaper border installed. It doesn’t matter if your walls are vinyl wallpaper or even painted sheetrock, we can provide you with flawless wallpaper border installation. You can rest assured that our services are always guaranteed to be top quality and we will always give you a walkthrough to make sure that you are satisfied with the results.


Professional Wallpaper Removal and Wall Repair 

It’s always a satisfying moment when you realize that your home is now free from old and ugly wallpaper. And with our services for wallpaper removal in Washington Township, NJ, we can make sure that your home’s old wallpaper is removed properly.

We Do Water Spray or Steam Wallpaper Removal and Wall Repair

When it comes to removing wallpaper, our team can always determine the best method to make sure that it is removed properly without damaging your walls. For example, if you have plaster walls with vinyl wallpaper, we will use the steam removal method to make sure there is minimal need for repairs.

Here are Our Wallpaper Removal and Wall Repair Services 

  • Plaster walls
  • Wall washing
  • Vinyl wallpaper
  • Glue residue removal
  • Wall repair and sanding
  • Fabric-backed wallpaper
  • Vinyl prepasted wallpaper

Wallpaper Vinyl Top Sheet and Backing

If you have sheetrock walls covered with vinyl prepasted wallpaper and you want them removed properly, call us at Britmar Painting and Wallpaper and we will take care of that for you. For your situation, we will create and use a solution composed of water and wallpaper remover to loosen the prepasted glue. When it is sufficiently loosened, we will carefully scrape off the wallpaper and backing.

Fabric-backed Wallpaper

We will carefully remove any fabric-backed wallpaper to minimize any needed repair work for your walls and ceiling. You can rest assured that all glue residues will be effectively removed from the walls. Before painting your walls, we will also clean and repair them using a joint compound.

If your walls are not primed initially or painted before the installation of your current wallpaper, we will repair the walls, seal it, and prime it before we apply new paint as well as wallpaper.

Call us at (856) 582-2459 today to avail yourself of the best wallpaper installation or wallpaper removal services here in Washington Township, NJ. If you’re not from the area but you live near it, our services are also available to other towns and townships primarily within Gloucester, Camden, and Burlington Counties!