We Provide High-Quality Exterior House Painting in Washington Township, NJ

Britmar Painting and Wallpaper Offers Dependable Residential Exterior Painting

Looking to improve your home’s exterior paint? Liven up its dull look with our top-quality exterior house painting services in Washington Township, NJ. Here at Britmar Painting and Wallpaper, our team of painting professionals is equipped with superior knowledge and skills in their field of work to make sure that every job is completed flawlessly. Best of all, our services are not limited to Washington Township only. We also cater to the residents of Gloucester, Camden, and Burlington Counties. Schedule your painting service with us today.

We also Provide Reliable Exterior Pressure Washing Services

– To make sure that the exterior surface is cleaned and primed properly, we do pressure washing first on the entire surface. We also use pressure washing to clean hard-to-reach areas. Here are the things we do:

  • Exterior pressure washing
  • Pressure washing debris clean-up
  • Minimal pressure settings to protect less secure areas
  • Trees and shrubs are covered and protected to avoid direct contact with the water
  • Furniture cleanup

We Provide Knowledgeable Pre-painting Services

– We know that preparing exterior surfaces for painting is just as important as the process of applying a new coat of paint. That is why we make sure that we do everything right from preparation to application. This way, you can rest assured that your home’s new coat of paint will have a long lifespan. Take a look at our process for exterior house painting in Washington Township, NJ below.

  • Loose paint removal
  • Woodwork repair and spot sanding
  • Any non-painted areas are primed
  • We prepare splatter and drip coverings
  • Door and window caulking
  • Non-stationary items are moved or covered

Expect Quality Painting Services from an Insured Team

Here’s what we do to ensure that your home’s exterior gets an even and flawless coat of paint. After everything is cleaned, primed, and areas that won’t be painted are provided with protection, we will apply two coats of paint to your home’s exterior. The paint will be applied using a brush or a roller for maximum adhesion to the surface. After everything is finished, we will give you a walkthrough to make sure that you are satisfied with the results. If you think that some areas need touching up, just tell us and we will do so immediately.

If you are worried about cleaning up afterwards, don’t be because we will take care of that. We will gather all of our paint materials and store them in an area that will not interfere with your day-to-day routine. Once that’s done, we will also remove any remaining painting materials that are not needed, we will get rid of the trash, and we will place your non-stationary properties back in order. So if you want to experience a hassle-free exterior house painting in Washington Township, NJ, call us at Britmar Painting and Wallpaper today. Our services are also available to residents in Gloucester, Camden, and Burlington Counties. Call us today for an expertly done painting makeover.